Calling all Garage lovers – want to join Sun City In The Park Team?

We’re looking for passionate, reliable and enthusiastic individuals to volunteer* at Sun City In The Park 2022.

In exchange for volunteering at the festival, you will receive a hands-on experience as well as a full-day pass to the festival on a day outside of your volunteer shift so you can explore the event fully!

* For all volunteering, you’ll need to be 18 or over by the time you arrive at the festival site, have proof to volunteer in the UK (contact the respective volunteer organisation or visit their website for more information) and be available to work the shifts allocated to you throughout the weekend.

** If you are thinking about volunteering at festivals but not sure about going solo, please don’t worry! Every year more than half of those who volunteer with us do so on their own the first time and then return year on year to meet up with friends they have made whilst volunteering!


First Name:

Last Name:
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Mobile phone:


Tell us a little bit about yourself, your experience and why you want to join Sun City In The Park Team (include any skills, experience or qualifications you might have):


  • Gain access to Sun City In The Park
  • See how backstage works – gain valuable on-site experience.
  • Be part of the team that stages the event.
  • Time to see some amazing acts
  • A £10/15 admin fee per event is your only expense.
  • Volunteer, work and party with friends.
  • Plenty of free time to enjoy the event.
  • Oodles of memories
  • Volunteering looks great on your CV to potential employers.


Programming Assistants & Gate Greeters

Assisting the Programming Team with various tasks across the festival venues, including but not limited to, liaising with performers and crew on arrival to offer directions and advice backstage, stage resets, venue assisting, artist riders and artist liaison.

Info Tent Team

Engaging with people from all parts of the festival, providing an important directory service and hub for enquiries and gaining in-depth knowledge of the festival as a whole.

Wellbeing Team

Ranging from reception to info and venue roles, this is great for anyone with an interest in wellbeing and, in particular, large-scale wellbeing events and how they’re organised.


Welcoming our wonderful festivalgoers from the moment they arrive.


Never been to a festival before? Here are some useful tips that you might not have thought about!

Mobile phones & charging
Leave your posh phones at home, you do not want to lose an iPhone that cost you a lot of money when you can take a cheap mobile phone, a cheap camera and save the worry.

Our Staff will provide somewhere to plug in phone chargers for staff. Please be aware that you must stay with your phone whilst it is on charge as it will be a communal area. Our Staff accepts no responsibility for any lost/stolen/damaged mobile phones.

A battery pack booster for your phone could save you if you run out of juice; you can pick one up online or from your local phone shop for around £10 these days.

You can bring your own food but please only bring what you think you will need. 

We understand that a lot of people are trying to save money when volunteering at festivals, but if you can afford to buy food – do! There are some fantastic local offerings at these events and great food can be found.

Health and hygiene
Take a small kit containing things like aspirin, plasters, anti-bacterial wipes and keep it with you. Neglecting to take these things could upset your weekend and ruin your fun.

IMPORTANT: If you or someone you know is unwell or needs medical attention whilst at the event, speak to your supervisor or see your nearest security steward for help from the on-site medical team ASAP.

Don’t skimp on your sun cream! Too much exposure to the sun can get to the best of us. Make sure you use plenty and avoid getting burnt or worse! Wearing a sunhat is also a good idea.

Only take the money you need with you, don’t carry large sums of money on you. 99% of festivals have cash machines at them now, if not, nearby at least. You may have to pay a small charge to use them but if you lose your wallet with £20 in it you’ll be a lot less disappointed than you would be if you had lost £200!

The above extends to all valuables. Just don’t bring them. Jewellery, posh phones/cameras etc – if it cost you lots in the first place, it’ll cost you lots to replace.

Take a zip-up money belt / bum-bag with you, it will keep anything you don’t want to lose safely strapped around your waist.

Drink plenty of it! A festival is a party and people go there to do just that, but it is important to keep hydrated and drink plenty of water at all times.

When you are packing, pack a collapsible water bag or large empty water bottle. You can fill this up at the festival and save yourself the trouble of carrying something else that would be very heavy. The campsites have drinking water taps for you to fill up from.

Post festival blues
Beat the post-festival blues by checking out all the highlights when you get home, see the festival website and you’ll be sure to find footage of all your favourite acts from the weekend there for you to relive.